Content from Elon Musks Twitter counterclaim will be released this

Content from Elon Musk’s Twitter counterclaim will be released this week

While Twitter insists in court that it will force Elon Musk to buy his shares at a price of $54.20 per share, after rejecting those terms of the deal, the billionaire managed to file a countersuit, the contents of which remain unchanged was still considered confidential. This week, the court will allow the parties to the dispute to disclose the essence of Elon Musk’s claims to the leadership of Twitter, but there is no agreement between them, not even on the timing of disclosing this information.

    Image source: Reuters, Dado Ruvic

Image source: Reuters, Dado Ruvic

Yesterday, Judge Kathaleen McCormick assigned to this case, decided disclose the terms of Elon Musk’s counterclaim by noon on August 5 this year, and unofficial sources claim that this event could happen almost a day earlier. When Elon Musk’s lawyers filed their lawsuit, they allowed Twitter representatives to read the contents of the 163-page document and even allowed to redact those fragments containing confidential information. Twitter planned to take five business days for all of these actions, but Musk’s side insisted three would be enough.

Such an onslaught threatened that Twitter would have to make unwanted information public, but Elon Musk representatives see no particular problems with this, citing the provisions of the US Constitution. Recall that the court hearing on Musk’s deal with Twitter, which he abandoned on July 8, was scheduled to start on October 17 and be completed in five business days. The leadership of the social network insists that the court should force Musk to buy his assets at a price of $54.20 per share, and the opposing side of the conflict is convinced that the opposing party does not have reliable information about the number of questionable accounts delivered and worn has made significant personnel changes to Elon Musk without the consent of the majority shareholder.


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