Computer shipments rose 15 in 2021

Computer shipments rose 15% in 2021

Computers have become one of the best-selling consumer devices in 2021. PC shipments rose 15% last year to 341 million units. This is because of the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to force people to work and study from home.

Image source: Lenovo

Image source: Lenovo

According to the research company Canalys, about 92 million computers were shipped in the previous quarter. Its revenue is estimated at approximately $ 70 billion, up 11% from last year as OEMs prioritized products with higher margins.

According to Canalys, DELL computer sales grew almost 9% to 17.19 million units in the fourth quarter of 2021. Apple shipped 9.8% more Macs than a year earlier – 7.8 million. Acer increased its deliveries by 6.7% to 6.58 million units.

Additionally, sales for Lenovo decreased 6.5% to 21.7 million and HP sales decreased 3% to 18.64 million units in the final quarter of 2021. Canalys did not provide a reason for the cut in shipments, but it is believed that it was due to a global component shortage.

Image source: The register

Image source: The register

Canalys said both the number of computers sold (to 341 million) and revenue from sales, which combined exceeded $ 250 billion, rose 15%. This is the highest amount since 2012. The delivery volume of laptops and mobile workstations reached 275 million units in 2021, 16% more than a year earlier. Desktop sales increased 7% to 66 million units.

Analysts point out that the most significant development for the personal computer market over the past year has been that both the younger generation and the elderly in the West now own at least one computer. The massive shift to teleworking and distance learning, they said, paved the way for the continued success of the personal computer industry.

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