Colorful is preparing to release DDR5-6333 RAM modules for enthusiasts

Colorful is preparing to release a set of DDR5-6333 standard RAM for the new V-Color series, aimed at enthusiasts. The photo of the 16 GB RAM module of the specified series was shared by the editor-in-chief of the portal Wccftech Hassan Mujtaba.

Image source: Wccftech / Hassan Mujtaba

Image source: Wccftech / Hassan Mujtaba

Judging by the inscription on the cooling heatsink, which, by the way, has ARGB-backlighting, the module uses a peer-to-peer organization of memory chips with an 8-bit interface and provides a data transfer rate of 6333 MT / s, which is beyond the standard JEDEC specification adopted for memory DDR5 (4800 MT / s). At the same time, for V-Color DDR5-6333, the nominal voltage for DDR5 memory is 1.1 V.

Recall that DDR5 memory will offer support for the new Intel XMP 3.0 overclocking profiles, and will also be equipped with its own power controllers (PMICs) and voltage regulation modules. Both features will play an important role in the overclocking potential of the next generation of RAM.

According to the latest information, DDR5 RAM from all leading manufacturers is already shipping to distributors and retailers. The new generation of RAM modules should appear on the free market on November 4, along with the release of Intel Alder Lake processors


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