Clubhouse revival with group chats with voice messages

Clubhouse revival with group chats with voice messages

The Clubhouse social network, which offers users the opportunity for voice communication in separate virtual rooms, is trying to return to former popularity. To that end, developers are changing the format of the platform, making it more of a messaging service. Users can record and exchange voice messages in separate rooms called “chats”.

    Image Source: Clubhouse

Image Source: Clubhouse

For example, a user starts a chat by recording a voice message and sending it to friends. After that, friends can connect to the chat and add their own voice messages. This is the format in which users interact in the new version of Clubhouse.

According to reports, the app has been completely redesigned in view of the new feature. Now, when starting Clubhouse, the user sees a message with the offer to record a voice message and start a new chat with it. The main tab of the application shows the user’s own chats as well as those started by their friends.

The popularity of the Clubhouse social network peaked during the coronavirus pandemic, when the ability to communicate by voice was at its peak. Since then, the platform’s popularity has fallen sharply, partly because some competitors have launched similar products, such as Twitter’s Spaces. At the same time, it will also be possible in the future to create virtual “rooms” for live communication in the clubhouse.

The updated Clubhouse app is now available for Android and iOS devices. This means that soon all users of the platform will be able to experience new voice chats.

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