Cloud based Windows 365 can be used offline Microsoft integrates

Cloud-based Windows 365 can be used offline – Microsoft integrates it more tightly with Windows 11

Microsoft held a virtual event announcing plans to further integrate the Windows 11 operating system with the Windows 365 cloud service, allowing customers to use virtual desktops. The software giant intends to continue merging its on-premises and cloud platforms so users can seamlessly switch between Windows 11 and Windows 365 at work.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

Microsoft launched Windows 365 last July, offering customers virtual desktops with a full suite of software solutions. Because of this, service customers do not need to upgrade existing hardware solutions to use Windows 11 and other modern software products.

In the future, on-premises and cloud platforms will continue to converge to provide the best hybrid experience. According to reports, the developers intend to implement the ability to connect to the Windows 365 virtual workspace through the Windows 11 interface, and some elements, such as the taskbar, will be common to local and cloud workspaces.

Microsoft plans to allow users to boot Windows 365 instantly without requiring prior authorization in on-premises Windows 11. In addition, if the Internet connection is lost while working in Windows 365, users can still interact with the system already running on the local computer (changes made are automatically synchronized when you connect to the Internet). When exactly these innovations will be put into practice and will be available to ordinary users is still unknown.


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