Clones of the official ChatGPT app are flooding the Apple

Clones of the official ChatGPT app are flooding the Apple App Store, and not even all of them are useless

When ChatGPT debuted on the Apple marketplace, it turned out that there were already a large number of programs mimicking the solution proposed by OpenAI. There are many products in the App Store with similar names and logos, but many of them are of no use to me and try to cheat me out of my money. However, not all applications are developed by scammers.

    Image source: Averyanovphoto/

Image source: Averyanovphoto/

Numerous ChatGPT clones often use similar logos and in most cases serve the sole purpose of tricking users into signing up for expensive subscriptions. For example, after a three-day trial period, ElevenThirteen’s Chat AI program offers to subscribe to the service’s services for $7 a week — for a month, it’s more expensive than the Open AI fees for a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

It is worth noting that not all of these applications are from scammers. Many of them offer services similar to real ChatGPT. To provide services, they use the GPT-3 or GPT-4 models. This is especially useful for users who for some reason ChatGPT is not available in the country. For those who can legally use the free ChatGPT, it would be strange to pay for software with dubious functionality. At the same time, the creators of Chat AI claim that their product is worth paying for and that there are other solutions for different purposes in the developer’s portfolio.

Chatbot applications are becoming big business. For example, the Genie AI app developer claimed that their product had 3 million monthly active users and earned $3.5 million in April alone. At the same time, the developer claims that the app is not chasing the glory of Open AI, and in some respects even surpasses ChatGPT with its functionality.

Like OpenAI, Google and Baidu initially did not release mobile applications and limited themselves to web versions of AI services. As a result, an unrelated Bard bot already exists on the App Store, and Baidu has filed a lawsuit against Apple and a number of software developers over the appearance of clones of the Ernie bot. However, with the arrival of official free versions, the days of such applications may be numbered.


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