Clearview AI intends to create a database of images to

Clearview AI intends to create a database of images to identify almost every person on earth

Clearview AI announced that it is looking for investors to implement a project to create the largest database that will store 100 billion photos of people. This is enough to identify the face of almost every person on earth.

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According to The Washington Post, referring to the company’s presentation to investors, all photos should be collected from open sources within a year – today, according to some estimates, about 7.9 billion people live on the planet.

It is believed that the presentation was held to attract additional funds. The company said it has already collected about 10 billion images and is adding 1.5 billion monthly. Investors need to spend another $50 million on this company to reach the goal.

According to the publication, Clearview receives photos from social media and other web sources without notifying both the individuals and the websites where the images are posted. It is known that Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube have already demanded that the company stop the collection, but she refused to comply, saying such a right is protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.

In addition, the company intends to expand its business model by expanding into new areas and exploring new technologies such as gait recognition, photolocation and remote fingerprint scanning.

Clearview said the company collects data in the same way that Google, for example, and its materials are used to prevent and combat crime, specifically to find the perpetrators. So far, the company has not decided whether it will offer the service to non-governmental organizations and companies. Currently, only ministries and their employees receive data. The technology is said to be able to save lives, protect the innocent from unfair accusations and prevent misidentifications in general.

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Police are known to have already used the Clearview base to search and arrest those who have committed violent crimes or are suspected of destroying other people’s property during the recent unrest in the United States. After the January 6, 2021 riot in Washington DC, Clearview AI reported that its technology was used to identify borrowers. “It is encouraging that Clearview’s AI solutions were used to identify the insurgents who attacked our great symbol of democracy.”— said the head of the company Hoan Ton-Tat (Hoan Ton-That).

However against Clear view Numerous lawsuits have already been filed. Specifically, the company is accused of violating Illinois law related to the collection of images of residents’ faces without their consent. A federal judge dismissed the attorneys’ leads on the first amendment and ruled that the lawsuit must proceed.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Airbnb, Lyft and Uber have already expressed “interest” in Clearview’s technology, as many of the crimes involve the use of their platforms. However, both the company boss and the partners deny cooperation plans.


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