Classic DOOM launched on a landline phone

An American enthusiast has launched the iconic shooter DOOM on a landline phone. CaptionCall is designed for hearing impaired people and therefore has a color LCD display.



Today, most of even the most budget smartphones run on multi-core processors and have at least 1 GB of RAM. The CaptionCall phone, designed to work on fixed lines, has much more modest technical characteristics. The purpose of this device is to help people with hearing impairments in communication. The color display, located above the buttons, is used to display the interlocutor’s words in text format. Social services in the United States give out these phones for free, and the price of the device is low on the secondary market.

The device is equipped with an i.MX6 processor (ARMv7 architecture), a 4 GB NAND module is used as a built-in storage device. This was enough to launch the classic computer game DOOM, released back in 1993. Having made a lot of efforts, the author of the project received superuser rights to the system. After that, he disabled the original device interface and eventually came out to a fully functional Linux environment. It took some more time to provide full support for sound, video and even phone buttons, which turned into a game controller. After that, everything was ready to install the original DOOM.

Installing DOOM on non-dedicated devices has become a good tradition for enthusiasts. The iconic shooter has appeared on a printer, a MacBook Pro touchpad, a Kodak camera, a handheld console with a monochrome display, a virtual computer in Minecraft, a calculator (and instead of a battery they used a bag of potatoes), an OS bootloader, and even an IKEA light bulb.


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