City-planning strategy about beavers Timberborn sold 130 thousand copies in a week

Polish indie studio Mechanistry joyfully reported about the high sales of his first game. The developers boasted that they managed to sell more than 130,000 copies of Timberborn’s beaver urban planning strategy in a week.

Source: Mechanistry

Source: Mechanistry

The game was released on September 15 in Early Access on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG. The authors did not disclose the exact figures for each site. At the time of writing, Timberborn has over 94% positive reviews on Steam, with nearly two thousand ratings. The project also hit the top 10 sales and for some time occupied the second line next to Deathloop, NBA 2K22 and other big games.

The developers thanked users for their interest and continued to develop the game. In the near future, Mechanistry will improve the save system and finalize the training. Timberborn is expected to be in Early Access for about a year and will receive various content updates during that time.

In the story of Timberborn, humanity has devastated the reserves of the Earth’s resources and disappeared from the face of the planet. Beavers have become one of those animals that have been able to adapt and evolve. Now they need to carefully monitor the water and use it wisely for their settlements.

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