Citizen is recalling the CZ Smart Gen 2 smartwatch its

Citizen is recalling the CZ Smart Gen-2 smartwatch – it’s slowing down, not receiving GPS and has many other problems

Citizen has temporarily halted sales of its second-generation CZ smartwatch due to a “technical issue”. The device, which runs Google Wear OS, went on sale in May and featured a psychomotor state assessment feature based on technology from IBM Watson and NASA.

    Image source: citizen

Image source: citizen

Reviewers gave the device negative reviews for numerous flaws: a sluggish user interface, short battery life, poor sensor accuracy, and dials that don’t show the correct time. “We are investigating the issue, recalling models for review and temporarily suspending sales of touchscreen models until we identify the root cause of the issue and the best solution for our customers and partners.“, – leads the resource The edge Citizen’s Email Statement. The recall program includes smartwatch models MX1003-71X, MX1000-28X, MX1000-01X, MX1000-52X, MX1005-83X, MX1002-57X, MX1018-06X, MX1017-50X, MX1010-59X, MX1011-05X and MX1016-28X . The CZ Smart Hybrid model is not affected by the program.

Verge journalist Victoria Song (Victoria Song) noted many shortcomings of the device in less than two weeks of use. During outdoor runs, the smartwatch Citizen CZ Smart could not receive a GPS signal, got stuck in the middle of a workout and could not record it: the girl ran 3.2 km, but the device recorded only 160 m, which she allegedly ran at one speed 100 m ran at a speed of 1.03 km/h – roughly like a turtle on land. At the same time, smartwatches that were charged to 100% at noon showed only 6% at 10:30 p.m. that same day. In addition, data synchronization almost didn’t work – Citizen CZ Smart could not maintain a connection with the phone even when you were nearby.


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