Cities Skylines writers talked about the latest additions content

Cities: Skylines writers talked about the latest additions – content support will be complete after eight years

Developers from the Colossal Order studio told about the latest additions to the city building simulator Cities: Skylines. Eight years later, content support for the game was discontinued to focus on production of the sequel.

    Illustration for the add-on Africa in Miniature

Illustration for the add-on Africa in Miniature. Image Credit: Paradox Interactive

The following expansions will be released on March 22nd:

  • Shopping Malls (User Content) – 60+ shopping mall content including 4 unique buildings and 53 evolving buildings for the commercial zone;
  • Africa in Miniature (User-Generated Content) – a set of materials to bring with you “Diverse architecture, vibrant colors and a unique urban mix” Africa to your metropolis: 11 buildings, two monuments, four service buildings, nine development buildings and two props;
  • Sports Venues (User-Generated Content) – a range of sports facilities: six large soccer, baseball and American football stadiums with realistic animations, six medium-sized stadiums and ten sports parks;
  • three radio station DLCs – 80’s Movies Tunes, featuring 15 songs inspired by ’80s movies, Pop Punk Radio, featuring 16 pop-punk songs, and JADIA Radio, featuring 16 tracks by Cameroonian musician Wan Shey;
  • Hubs and Transport is a free update with new vehicles for the base game and add-ons.

May follow:

  • Industrial Evolution (User Content) – a set of evolving structures created in the style of different eras, “From red brick walls to modern stylish industrial complexes”;
  • Railroads of Japan (User-Generated Content) – authentic Japanese railway landscapes with stations, trains, buses and more;
  • Brooklyn and Queens – a series of high-density mid-rise residential buildings designed in the style of Brooklyn and Queens’ three architectural eras: pre-war, post-war and modern;
  • two DLC with radio stations – Piano Tunes with 16 classic piano songs and 90’s PopRadio Station with 16 pop tracks;
  • a small addition, details of which will be announced shortly.

Cities: Skylines was released on PC in March 2015. The simulator was released on Xbox One in April 2017, on PlayStation 4 in August of the same year, and on Nintendo Switch in September 2018. In May 2022, the strategy was added to the Google Stadia service, and in February of this year it received improvements for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S. For all this time, the developers have released 15 large-scale paid DLCs (the last one, Financial Districts, December 2022 ), as well as many smaller ones with user-generated content and radio stations. game rating on steambased on over 166,000 reviews, is 93%.

Cities: Skylines II was announced during a recent presentation by Paradox Interactive. Later, some details of the sequel were found in the description of achievements.

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