Circus Electric is just a stones throw away from the

Circus Electric is just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle. review

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Very strange things are happening in London: chaos and confusion reigns in the streets, the minds of most citizens are fogged up, and the people themselves seem to have broken the chain and are uncontrollably attacking those who are not influenced by unknown forces. There is something big and sinister behind it – the resourceful journalist Amelia must understand what is going on and unravel the tangle of mysterious incidents. Your investigation begins at the most suspicious spot in town – a colorful Circus Electrique-themed booth, where the heroine’s eccentric uncle runs the show. Convinced that the loved one is not involved in any horrific events, the journalist, who violently secured the support of the circus troupe, continues her investigation on the streets of London. Serious tests of strength and will await them there, a grandiose fight for the heads of the Londoners and the unveiling of bitter secrets from their own past.  Stock up on popcorn – the show is on!

Stock up on popcorn – the show is on!

colorful dungeon

Despite the fact that Circus Electrique evokes associations with the magnificent Darkest Dungeon almost immediately, it still cleverly interprets the mechanics and gameplay features to suit its original setting. Four circus performers (here a group of suicides are referred to as a scout party) travel around the site, periodically choosing directions at frequent forks. The chosen path is littered with all sorts of sights: street vendors offering various power-ups; first-aid posts where beaten circus performers are patched up; a mobile fair where the crew can gain a little experience or, for example, increase the loyalty scale (more on this below).

And the map is full of various amusements. For example, there are places where you can play coins (similar to curling but on a much more modest scale) and receive a certain cash bonus for winning. Or take part in a bizarre reaction game where food is distributed to those who suffer. And, having met fans of our circus on the street, performers can arrange an impromptu performance consisting of a mini-game like “Wheel of Fortune”. The final price (or lack thereof) depends directly on our luck and risk tolerance.

When playing thimbles, a secret path opens before us, along which it will be possible to get additional resources and encounter new problems

These pleasures are organically woven into the game’s entourage and skillfully alternate with almost no time for boredom. Unless you’re closer to the finale, the next coin game will have you rolling your eyes wearily at the practical and emotional insignificance of this (and other) mini-games in the later stages. But, of course, these activities are only side entertainment between the main points on the map, where we will fight with steampunk mimes, policemen on unicycles and other grotesque denizens of the streets of London.

As in the darkest source of inspiration, much depends on the position of the characters in combat. There are also no classes that specialize in one thing – the characters fulfill different functions depending on open skills and their position in the squad. For example, a clown can not only heal his colleagues, but also take on the burden of a “tank”, forcing enemies to hit only his amusing person with special abilities. The Acrobat is capable of dealing solid damage to a single target and resorting to control effects – such as reducing enemy damage. And the firebender is good at dealing damage to multiple enemies or boosting the loyalty of her peers.

This parameter is no less important in battle than the health indicator and, in principle, is similar to the Darkest Dungeon stress indicator, but there are some nuances. For example, enemies also have a loyalty scale, and some of our squad members’ attacks are aimed at them. It’s worth going to zero as the character and track caught a cold. True, this rule also applies to our heroes. And even with critically low devotion, the characters fall into various negative states, which entail extremely unpleasant consequences. For example, the artist loses effectiveness and inflicts significantly less damage or even attacks his fellow combatants. However, when this indicator reaches a maximum, squad members begin to take revenge on enemy attacks, inflicting critical hits more often or protecting colleagues. By the way, in the huge arsenal of abilities, the characters have particularly strong ones, the use of which exactly requires dedication.

We also have super skills with different uses. There are attack options, defense options, and health or devotion recovery. The main thing is enough furor in the fight!

In total, Circus Electric has fifteen different classes, which provides a fairly extensive field for experimentation. Almost the entire passage I want to try new heroes, change their positions in the squad, repeatedly check the effectiveness of the compositions in search of the “gold”. But the game will not allow you to pick up a team that will throw everyone and always in its path, regularly throwing up special combat conditions. For example, in the rain, the Firebender’s powerful fiery hurricanes will hardly burn the opponent, but the Knife Thrower’s lethally electrified blade rain will deal with even the most tenacious fighter.

In general, the local combat functions, although similar in form to the Darkest Dungeon, are strikingly different in details. There is also a significant difference in overall complexity. You can hardly call Circus Electrique ruthless, unforgiving or even complex. A rare fight will make you sweat or force you to reconsider your entire tactics. Even boss fights don’t promise hard trials. That will probably deter connoisseurs of furious hardcore. But the game can be a good introduction to the genre for beginners. The main thing is not to get confused in a variety of leadership nuances …

Although the boss looks impressive, defeating him is hardly more difficult than defeating a simple street punk.

The show must go on!

In the times between fights we have to manage the busy circus life. For example, take care of the troops: send the wounded to a sortie in a sleeping car, hire new artists on the train, immediately assign newcomers to the training tent to gain experience. And someone else has to help the oracle. After all, the fortune teller allows you to get more detailed information about upcoming battles and enemy compositions, improve the accuracy of our fighters and restore loyalty after the battle.

It’s also worth checking the workshop more often and collecting important consumables like first-aid kits or items that deal damage. Here you can also craft various things from the “boosters” section – spotlights, smoke, decorations. All this will come in handy to arrange an unforgettable circus show that will scream all the headlines of tomorrow’s newspapers.

    A successful performance will certainly be noted by journalists.  And in the letters to the editor, I believe, there will certainly be indications that the authors of the articles received moneybags from the circus ...

A successful performance will certainly be noted by journalists. And in the letters to the editor, I believe, there will certainly be indications that the authors of the articles received moneybags from the circus …

But representations also have a very practical purpose. Various shows bring money, resources to create things in the workshop and give experience points to the circus and each artist participating in the show. By the way, participation in the performance does not allow any member of the troupe to join the Scout Regiment – neither art nor scuffle.

The success of the show depends on the participants or their specific parameters, which are responsible for various aspects of the program. Different performances require different compositions and preferably with characters that are compatible with each other. Finally, the cohesion of the participants will also influence the final evaluation of the show. The further you go, the more difficult and demanding the programs become for the artists, but the rewards are all the better. The process of “assembling” a dream show is sometimes more engaging than the outings themselves, and much more time can be spent distributing talent. But then how pleasant it is to read hymns of praise! Too bad the performances themselves take place behind the scenes.

    Not our best performance, but the circus monopoly can afford temporary shows

Not our best performance, but the circus monopoly can afford temporary shows


A special merit of the developers of Circus Electric is a sense of proportion. The game ends almost where interest begins to wane, leaving, albeit not pleased, in a pleasant saturation. And although the local storyline can be a little tedious to follow (although you can’t call it a bad thing), and local battles are unlikely to live up to the expectations of Darkest Dungeon fans, the show can be considered quite successful. Big round of applause!


  • original environment and unusual visual embodiment;
  • many colorful characters, interesting combat combinations and unusual game nuances;
  • exciting side jobs.


  • in the final act it is clearly felt that the game has nothing to offer;
  • those who expect the same challenging gameplay as Darkest Dungeon are in vain.


In the Circus Electrique, the motley circus aesthetics are perfectly cultivated. The original character design, backgrounds of locations that embodied the green city streets and picturesque views of London – the game looks remarkable and fresh. However, the quirky visual style takes some getting used to and may not be for everyone.


The musical design of the game is also designed in the style of old-fashioned circus performances. Even one composition is unlikely to penetrate the soul, but the appropriate background for tactical battles and dramatic ups and downs turned out to be worthy.

The sound design is also of high quality: each location has its own unique and polished sound, and the sounds of battle (punches, crackling electrical discharges, the clinking of sharpened steel) came out just right.

single player game

An exciting tactical adventure with lots of fun side activities.

Estimated travel time

The campaign will last about fifteen to twenty hours. Even after the credits, you can continue studying the map of London and find all the secrets of the city. It also opens up special skirmishes where you have to face multiple waves of enemies.

collective game

Not provided.

overall impression

Circus Electric turned out to be a very interesting project, with its own unique style and a fair reading of the Darkest Dungeon mechanics. Although this is not a deafening sensation, the performance is definitely successful.

Rating: 8.0/10

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