Chromebooks in the future will teach you to protect yourself from peeping

As solutions on the Chrome OS platform continue to proliferate, so does their functionality. In the future, Chromebooks may receive support for HPS technology, which protects information from strangers – it will warn the user if someone invisibly appears behind his back or can send a command to dim the display.

Image source: StockSnap /

Image source: StockSnap /

Earlier this year, it was reported that Google was working on a human presence sensor – the so-called. Human Presence Sensor (HPS). Such a module allows you to determine if a person is in the “field of view” of a laptop camera. The technology was believed to be useful for turning off the screen when no one is sitting at the computer or for identifying the user, but now it has found other uses as well.

This week, many Chromebooks have a switch that allows you to control the Human Presence Sensor, just enter the command in the browser chrome: // flags

This allows you to activate protection against tracking – the user will receive an alert if someone is looking at the screen, standing behind him. It is noteworthy that the sensor processes video at the hardware level – the information does not go to the cloud for analysis. In the video, you can see that the system is even able to highlight all the people standing behind.

If someone tries to spy on the screen, an eye icon will appear on it when specified in the settings. If a higher security level is selected, Chrome OS will immediately darken the image when a stranger enters the field of view. Alternatively, the operating system is able to temporarily disable notifications during a call when someone else looks at the screen.

The new protection will only be available on devices that have received an HPS sensor. Since development is still ongoing, it is highly unlikely that the new feature will be available before 2022, and its use will depend on the willingness of manufacturers to spend money on the sensor.

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