Chromebooks get their own video editor and more

Chromebooks get their own video editor and more

Google developers are making Chromebooks more and more attractive to potential buyers. This time, it was announced that video editing with the Google Photos app, support for light and dark UI themes, and other personalization options are coming soon.

    Image source: Google

Image source: Google

Little is currently known about the ability to edit videos on a Chromebook using Google Photos. The published screenshots of the application make it clear that users can only change basic properties such as contrast and brightness, as well as add audio to the video sequence and merge videos. At the same time, the editor can “Intelligent selection of the most important moments from user videos”and will also offer to use various themes as a basis for videos.

Chromebooks’ video editing capabilities don’t end there. Google has announced that LumaFusion, a professional video editor, will also be available on Chromebooks. The port of this application stands out not only because Chromebook users have the opportunity to use a professional video editor. It also means that the iOS product, which Apple even named App of the Year, joins the Chrome OS universe and offers Chromebook owners more video processing options.

It has also been announced that a number of lesser-known innovations will be coming to the Gallery and Photos apps for Chromebooks in the coming months. For example, Chromebook users can open images in Gallery and then move them to Photos. In August, the developers want to add functions for editing PDF files to the Gallery. Photos application allows you to extract photos for later use as desktop wallpaper. In this case, the images used as background image automatically adapt to the overall design concept, depending on which theme is selected in the settings.

Chromebooks are also known to be getting new features to improve productivity. One of them will be support for virtual “desktops”, which will allow you to group tabs and applications together. Also, the calendar in Chrome OS, available by clicking the date in the taskbar, syncs with the Google Calendar service.


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