Chrome for iOS introduces a password manager and other user

Chrome for iOS introduces a password manager and other user data security features

Chrome browser developers are making it more and more user-friendly. This time, the iOS version of 104 brings a password manager feature, improved Safe Browsing, and a tool to notify the user when their credentials have been compromised.

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Many of the new features in Chrome for iOS have been included in the Android version of the browser for some time. This includes, for example, a password manager that uses the data stored in the browser to automatically log in to various applications and services. Additionally, Enhanced Safe Browsing is available for iOS and iPadOS device users, which, once enabled, will check the safety of the websites they visit. Chrome also notifies the user if it detects that their credentials have been compromised and are in the public domain.

A new feature that the Android version doesn’t have is the automatic opening of the start page when Chrome restarts. If, when viewing content, the user has minimized the application for a while and does not use it, then when the browser is opened again, the browser will automatically display the home page. It is expected that this approach “Make it easier to browse content, start a new search, or return to browsing your most visited sites.”. When needed, you can easily return to interacting with recently viewed tabs. According to the available data, a similar innovation will soon appear in Chrome for Android.

The developers have also improved the built-in translator, which now more accurately determines the language of the text on the displayed page. It can also automatically translate pages if it suits the user’s preferences. Some changes aimed at making it more convenient to interact with the Chrome interface touched the browser menu.


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