Chrome Firefox and other third party browsers get Apple Pay support

Chrome, Firefox, and other third-party browsers get Apple Pay support in iOS 16 beta

According to network sources, third-party browsers have added support for the Apple Pay payment system in the iOS 16 beta, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge browsers. Currently, users only need to use Safari to pay for purchases and services through the browser using Apple Pay. The new move is likely aimed at easing pressure from antitrust authorities.

    Image source: 9to5 Mac

Image source: 9to5 Mac

While interacting with the recently released iOS 16 beta 4, developer Steve Moser noticed that the ability to pay for goods with Apple Pay became available in Chrome and Edge. He also suggested that this feature could appear in all third-party developers’ browsers. While he didn’t mention Firefox, Mozilla’s browser is said to support Apple Pay even before the latest iOS 16 beta was released.

Apple appears to have made this change in response to upcoming tightening of antitrust laws in some regions of the world, which could make the company’s practice of forcing browser developers to use the WebKit page rendering engine illegal. Keep in mind that currently third-party web browser developers for iOS and iPad OS are required to use the WebKit engine in their products.

Effectively, this means that all browsers for iOS are built on the same foundation, making it impossible for third-party developers to find an alternative that renders web pages faster than Safari, for example. Additionally, Apple Pay support is only implemented in Apple’s proprietary browser, which also raises questions from regulators.


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