Chinese version of TikTok has restricted the use of the service by children under 14 years old

Douyin short video service, the Chinese version of TikTok, announced that all verified users under the age of 14 will now have access to the app in “kid mode.” The measure aims to protect teens from inappropriate content on the platform.



In “child mode”, users under the age of 14 will be able to work with the application for no more than 40 minutes a day and only from 18 to 22 hours – this was officially announced on September 18 by the administration of the Douyin service, owned by ByteDance along with TikTok. According to Douyin, this measure is the toughest in the history of the platform.

Chinese regulators this year are actively strengthening their control over the Internet and local specialized companies – one of the reasons is the discrepancy between the current state of affairs and the values ​​that the state promotes. In particular, the authorities call for the protection of young people from the “blind” and “chaotic” worship of celebrities, as well as “worship of money” and “feminine” men.

Tencent’s popular WeChat messenger in China also has a “kid mode”. When activated, it restricts user access to certain games and features, such as payments and the ability to find friends nearby. Recently, Tencent, following the request of the PRC Ministry of Industry and Informatization, opened links to competing platforms on WeChat.


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