Chinese memory manufacturer YMTC is urgently looking for a replacement

Chinese memory manufacturer YMTC is urgently looking for a replacement for American devices

In October last year, US sanctions restricted the supply of equipment to China that allows the production of solid-state memory with more than 128 layers, and two months earlier the Chinese company YMTC introduced its 232-layer 3D NAND chips to the Maintaining production activities is now forced to look for a replacement for American equipment and the specialists who operate it.

    Image source: Handout

Image source: Handout

The resource talks about this with reference to its own sources. South China morning post, noting that US trade sanctions specifically extended to the YMTC company itself in December last year. Together with the sanctions previously imposed in October, this meant that the Chinese memory manufacturer began to lose access to equipment from the American brand Lam Research, as well as to specialists with American citizenship who could previously service these equipment at YMTC companies. The company had to reduce product shipments and delay the start-up of a second silicon wafer processing plant in Wuhan.

In March this year, YMTC received around $7 billion in capital from China’s sovereign wealth fund, which allowed it to reduce its dependence on American equipment and specialists. Now the company is actively looking for Chinese suppliers of equipment that could compensate for American sanctions, and is also trying to establish a system for attracting specialists with the necessary qualifications to maintain existing equipment. Among other things, YMTC is looking for suppliers of electrostatic grippers, which are used to handle silicon wafers during their processing. One of the Beijing companies, whose name was not disclosed, will become YMTC’s partner in developing “import-substituting” devices for flash memory production. YMTC is trying to recruit companies outside the US to service its equipment.

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