Chinese live streamers need qualifications to discuss specific topics

Chinese live streamers need qualifications to discuss specific topics

Chinese regulators have announced that opinion-forming online influencers must now be qualified to speak on certain topics, including law and medicine. The list of new restrictions does not end here.

    Image source: Jean Beller/

Image source: Jean Beller/

In order to create content that requires a “high professional level”, online broadcasters must have the appropriate skills. This was explained in a joint press release from the State Radio and Television Administration of China and the local Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

At the same time, broadcasters must provide evidence of the relevant qualifications for representatives of the platforms used. The new rules aim to clean up the hugely popular streaming sector, which is dominated by big local companies like Tencent, Alibaba and ByteDance. According to CNBC, influencers often use these platforms to sell products, including virtual ones, and some of them can make huge sums of money in a matter of hours.

Over the past 16 months, China has taken a series of measures in the tech sector, most notably restricting the powers of local tech giants. At the same time, the country is trying to organize tighter control over the segment of video games, online broadcasts and Internet celebrities. Last month, regulators banned children under the age of 16 from watching online streams and buying virtual gifts from streamers after 10 p.m. The latest rules establish a “code of conduct” for opinion leaders.

In addition to criticizing the authorities, influencers are prohibited from using deepfakes to falsify information about party and government officials. It is also forbidden to show wasteful food consumption with an excess of food waste, many luxury goods or a decidedly unusual lifestyle. Also, the content should not be sexually provocative.

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