Chinese IT giants will develop a standard for streaming videos

Chinese IT giants will develop a standard for streaming videos that will start playing immediately

Chinese internet giants Alibaba, Tencent and ByteDance have teamed up to develop a new video streaming standard. The project was announced by the journalists of the British edition at the end of February The registry managed to find out some additional details.

Image source: mohamed hassan /

Image source: mohamed hassan /

The participants of the new project want the video show to start as quickly as possible – the delay should be between 0.5 and 1 second. As the developers have calculated, under the current realities, before the actual start of the broadcast, users have to wait 3-6 seconds, which does not please the consumer. The project is called “Ultra-Low Latency Live Broadcast Protocol Signaling Standard”, and its authors are trying to establish some innovative methods of data transmission between the server and the client. The technology reportedly builds on the WebRTC project, which does not yet have any features in the early stages of broadcast.

At the same time, according to The Register, journalists have not yet been able to find code examples or technical implementations, which is extremely unusual for projects claiming “standard” status. It is also not known in what format the work results will be published: in the form of open source solutions or the handing over of the work results to one of the standardization bodies. But in any case, the developers have clearly set a good goal that will ensure the further development of the streaming industry.

It is also worth noting that all three project participants urgently need the development of a new solution: merchandising commercials and native integration for streamers will be in the hands of Alibaba, Tencent will improve the technical capabilities of its Netflix-like company The Tencent Video Platform and ByteDance don’t miss the opportunity to further optimize their flagship TikTok app.


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