Chinese company BOE will begin supplying Apple iPhone 13 with OLED displays

Beijing-based BOE Technology has long vied with Japanese LCD panel makers for the right to supply displays for Apple’s lower-end smartphones, but this month it may get the opportunity to supply more expensive OLED-type displays for the newest iPhone 13. The Chinese manufacturer claims 40% of the supply. thereby taking away the bread from Samsung.

Image source: AP, Nikkei Asian Review

Image source: AP, Nikkei Asian Review

Edition Nikkei Asian Review reports that a small number of BOE-branded OLED panels had already been shipped to Apple for qualification testing at the end of September. The final stage of testing is scheduled for this month, it will have to confirm that the BOE displays meet Apple’s requirements for reliability. The Chinese company has already supplied Apple with OLED displays for the iPhone 12, but they were only used to repair used smartphones.

BOE will launch 6.1-inch OLEDs for iPhone 13 at its Sichuan plant, which has been designated as a preferred power facility as part of a new Chinese government policy to reduce its carbon footprint from manufacturing. Even if the production of displays for the iPhone 13 does not suffer from planned power outages, the problem could be a shortage of related components, which will prevent Apple itself from producing enough smartphones. The company is rumored to have already cut its next-generation iPhone production program for this year from 90 million to 80 million.

BOE will compete with Samsung in delivering OLED displays for the iPhone 13. In the first phase, BOE will claim 20% of the supply, but over time hopes to increase the share to 40%. Until now, BOE has supplied OLED displays primarily to Chinese smartphone manufacturers, but the contract with Apple will take the Chinese company to the next level.


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