Chinese Baidu refuses to publicly present the alternative ChatGPT and

Chinese Baidu refuses to publicly present the alternative ChatGPT and holds a presentation behind closed doors

Chinese search technology giant Baidu has canceled a live stream of a product launch that Reuters says is “related” to ChatGPT’s Chinese alternative, Ernie Bot, which has been touted as “open to the media and the public”.

    Image source: mohamed_hassan/

Image source: mohamed_hassan/

The webcast scheduled for Monday did not take place, instead a closed meeting was held, according to Baidu, to which representatives of the first group of companies testing the product were admitted. How reports Reuters, the company gave a strange reason for changing the format of the event, saying it will help “meet the high demand” from the 120,000 companies who have already applied to test the Ernie bot. It is reported that today we are only talking about the first of many future meetings behind closed doors.

Such a statement is unlikely to please investors, however, as the company’s shares fell 4.5% following news of the live broadcast being canceled in Hong Kong trading.

Chatbot Ernie, the Chinese answer to ChatGPT, was launched on March 16 by Baidu CEO Robin Li, who gave a live presentation to the notable disappointment of journalists. At one point he showed a series of pre-recorded demos demonstrating the various characteristics of Ernie.

As a result of the mid-March presentation, the company’s share price fell right on the air, but later rebounded amid huge demand in the corporate sector in China for the generative AI technologies behind products like Ernie and ChatGPT.

Earlier it was reported that those who had the opportunity to rate Ernie have already made ratings of his abilities. In some aspects it has surpassed ChatGPT, but in some respects it is inferior to it.

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