Chinese authorities said they had not banned officials from purchasing

Chinese authorities said they had not banned officials from purchasing iPhones

A week ago it became known that the Chinese authorities had issued a ban on the use of iPhones and smartphones of other foreign brands by officials for work purposes. Now Beijing has officially commented on the matter, saying that it has not banned the purchase of Apple devices. At the same time, security problems were identified with the American company’s gadgets.

“We have noticed that there are many reports in the media about security incidents related to Apple phones. The Chinese government attaches great importance to information and cybersecurity and treats domestic and foreign companies equally.” – Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said at a regular briefing in Beijing on Wednesday, without going into details.

“China has not issued any laws or regulations prohibiting the purchase of smartphones from foreign brands such as Apple.” Mao said, adding that the government attaches “great importance” to security and that all companies operating in China are obliged to comply with the country’s regulations and laws. The press conference took place just a few hours after Apple introduced the new iPhone 15 smartphone series.

Chinese authorities intend distribute Bloomberg reports that the iPhone ban on a variety of state-backed companies and agencies is a sign of growing problems for Apple in its largest foreign market and the global manufacturing base where most of its devices are assembled. Some Chinese authorities have already started instructing their employees not to bring their iPhones to work.

If Beijing continues its iPhone ban campaign, it would be the culmination of years of efforts by authorities to discourage the use of foreign technology in sectors relevant to national security, coinciding with Beijing’s efforts to reduce its reliance on American software and electronic circuits. written down Bloomberg resource.

It is currently unclear how many Chinese companies or authorities could be affected by restrictions on the use of foreign devices for work purposes – there have been no official or written bans so far, reports Bloomberg. Government companies and organizations will likely vary in the extent of their restrictions: some may ban the use of Apple devices in the workplace, while others may ban employee use entirely.


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