Chinese authorities oppose “feminine” men in games

Chinese authorities have ordered gaming giants Tencent and NetEase to eliminate content believed to generate “femininity” among the male population of the country. These are male characters who appear emotionally fragile and physically weak.

Source: France24

Source: France 24

The government has now tightened its grip on the tech sector, causing some of the industry’s largest stocks to plunge. Officials yesterday summoned representatives from gaming corporations including Tencent and NetEase to discuss further industry restrictions. Earlier in China, the playing time of underage gamers was limited to three hours a week.

Source: miHoYo

Source: miHoYo

“Obscene and violent content, as well as things that create unhealthy tendencies like the worship of money and femininity, must be eliminated.”, – says the new restrictions.

Politicians believe that “Effeminate men are physically weak and emotionally vulnerable”, which means that men who are like them will not be able to defend the country.


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