Chinese authorities condemn the expansion of Japanese sanctions in the

Chinese authorities condemn the expansion of Japanese sanctions in the semiconductor industry

Last Sunday, the Japanese government expanded its export control rules for semiconductor component manufacturing equipment, adding 23 more types of exported goods to the sanctions list. In fact, these measures made it impossible for Chinese chipmakers to buy some types of Japanese equipment. The official authorities of the People’s Republic of China rushed to condemn Japan.

    Image source: IBM

Image source: IBM

As mentioned Nikkei Asian Review, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said that these moves by the Japanese authorities are aimed directly at China, although there is no such specificity in the text of the relevant documents from the Japanese side. According to the representative of the Chinese diplomatic department, China “Deeply regrets this step and appealed to the Japanese side through various channels with official comments.”. According to the official China “will closely monitor the impact of regulatory policies and vigorously defend its own interests”.

It is noteworthy that the Chinese diplomatic department responded with threats to rumors about US intentions to tighten sanctions against China “Give a specific answer”The Japanese sanctions have so far only been condemned. As mentioned in the publication CaixinA meeting attended by representatives of the local semiconductor industry was held in China last week under the auspices of the country’s Ministry of Commerce. The chipmakers urged the Chinese authorities to actively seek dialogue with American partners, saying the growing contradictions are causing great damage not only to the Chinese economy but also to global semiconductor component supply chains. Representatives of American business also express their concern about the ongoing political processes and fear that they will emerge “irreparable damage to the entire global economy”.

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