Chinas BOE could lose orders for iPhone 14 displays due

China’s BOE could lose orders for iPhone 14 displays due to quality issues and attempts to fool Apple

According to online sources, the Chinese company BOE Technology Group risks losing all orders to supply displays for the iPhone 14, which Apple will officially unveil this fall. A significant portion of BOE displays are reported to have failed quality assurance, and the company allegedly attempted to fix the problem by changing product specifications without notifying Apple.

    Image source: 9to5 Mac

Image source: 9to5 Mac

Although the main suppliers of displays for the iPhone are South Korean companies Samsung and LG, the Chinese BOE expects to produce up to 40 million OLED displays for various iPhone models this year. However, these plans can fail for two reasons. According to the source, BOE is struggling to purchase enough display driver chips, which is causing shortages for manufacturers around the world. In addition, BOE is faced with the fact that a significant portion of its products fail quality control.

The report states that BOE attempted to discreetly change specifications created for Apple displays without notifying the customer. In particular, the width of thin film transistors has been changed to simplify their manufacture. However, Apple did notice changes to the displays that BOE provided for review earlier in the year.

It is reported that the Chinese company tried to explain the changes made without Apple’s consent, but it seems that the American manufacturer was not convinced. It is also noted that BOE has submitted an application to supply OLED panels for the iPhone 14 but has not yet received approval.


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