China will open a 21 billion RAM factory in three

China will open a $21 billion RAM factory in three years

At the end of October, it was announced that the Chinese company Changxin As it turns out, this venture will cost the manufacturer $21 billion and work will begin in three years.

    Image source: CXMT

Image source: CXMT

At least as explained Nikkei Asian Review, that is exactly the plan that the management of Changxin Xinqiao is currently sticking to, which is also known to be linked to another local memory manufacturer – the company CXMT. As a result of a recent round of financing, a third of the first company’s shares went to China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment, a government agency designed to promote the development of China’s national semiconductor industry. This organization is often referred to in the press as the “Big Fund”. As part of the second phase of attracting Chinese investors, this fund aims to raise at least $27 billion to support promising projects in China’s semiconductor industry.

The previous round of funding has already boosted YMTC and CXMT, which have become the largest solid-state and RAM device manufacturers in China. Changxin The young memory manufacturer has already started purchasing equipment and will accelerate this process after receiving new funds from investors, so in three years it will already master the mass production of DRAM-type microcircuits in the company founded by then.

Changxin Xinqiao’s products are expected to play an important role in the transition of Chinese computer technology to use domestically manufactured components. According to estimates from various analysis agencies, Chinese components currently only cover 20-40% of the local market’s needs. Semiconductor components have become China’s largest import item, surpassing petroleum in importance.

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