China will accelerate the rollout of 5G 600000 base

China will accelerate the rollout of 5G – 600,000 base stations will be built in the country this year alone

China will speed up the construction and deployment of 5G networks and promote 6G research and development, China’s Minister of Industry and Information Technology Jin Zhuanglong said. In particular, hundreds of thousands of base stations for the latest generation networks will be built in China this year alone.

    Image source: byrev/

Image source: byrev/

China is now at the forefront of 5G development, the minister said. So, the country has already built more than 2.54 million base stations, and the number of users of smartphones with 5G support has exceeded 575 million people. According to him, this year the Heavenly Empire intends to build another 600,000 fifth-generation base stations, that is, to increase their number by almost a quarter.

The ministry notes that 5G is being deployed in more than half of the key sectors of the economy, including mining, ports, energy and aviation. The minister called for the area of ​​application of ultra-fast radio technologies to be expanded, particularly in industry. According to him, during the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025), the country will roll out more than 10,000 industries with integrated solutions based on 5G as part of a larger plan to develop the industrial internet.

It is known that China has already set up a special group to promote 6G – it will become China’s flagship platform for the development of sixth-generation communications and international cooperation. This will accelerate the development of 6G technologies.

In the meantime, the 5G devices of the largest Chinese manufacturers – Huawei and ZTE – have already been effectively pushed out of the USA, and now, under pressure from the USA, a ban on use in Europe cannot be ruled out. According to recent information, the federal government is preparing legislation that will force local telecom operators to stop using certain types of devices from these Chinese brands on 5G networks.

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