China wants to adopt a uniform standard for fast charging

China wants to adopt a uniform standard for fast charging – in future it is to be promoted worldwide

China has decided to develop a unified fast charging standard for devices sold in the country. According to The Register, local authorities hope the standard will eventually be adopted as a global reference.

    Image source: De an Sun/

Image source: De an Sun/

The China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) announced the TC626 Special Committee Meeting on Fast Charging Technology and Related Standards Promotion. During the meeting, a representative from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that it was imperative “Establishment of interoperable and uniform fast charging standardsand emphasized that standardization “will increase the impact on industrial development“.

According to the representative of the TC626 committee, the timely conversion of fast charging standards to international standards can allow China to take a leadership role in this area. The technical details are not yet known, but it is already clear today that a single fast charging standard will give its developers a number of advantages over competitors. Above all, companies like the American Qualcomm, which is promoting the Quick Charge technology for smartphones based on Snapdragon chipsets, are actually challenged by this.

If Chinese manufacturers become less dependent on Qualcomm technology, that should help China achieve semiconductor self-sufficiency in part by 2035. In addition, the standard helps Chinese smartphone manufacturers avoid the expense of independent development – large companies like Xiaomi are each working on their own technology. The national standard will allow them to focus their efforts elsewhere. After all, Chinese smartphones become even more attractive worldwide if they use the standard charging system of many manufacturers.

As the EU and other regions consider using a single connector (USB Type-C) in devices, a ready-made unified solution will only contribute to the widespread adoption of Chinese technologies.

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