China sees serious security risks in Micron products

China sees serious security risks in Micron products

China found in Micron Technology products shipped to the country “relatively serious” Cyber ​​Security Risks. In this regard, operators of key Chinese information infrastructures have been warned against buying the company’s goods.

    Image source: Micron

Image source: Micron

These products were born “Significant security risks to our critical information infrastructure supply chain”, This could affect the country’s national security, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said on Sunday.

Micron’s product review results came more than a month after China announced an investigation into imports of the US’s largest memory chipmaker. This was the latest episode in the escalating battle between the US and China in the semiconductor market.

How written down According to Bloomberg, the world’s two largest economies increasingly view each other’s technology sectors as a threat to national security. In particular, the United States, with enviable regularity, replenishes the blacklist of Chinese technology companies, at the legislative level restricted the supply of advanced chips and equipment for their manufacture to China, and passed the “Chips and Science Law”, which significantly limits the possibility of supply to the to invest in the Chinese semiconductor industry.

After the review was announced, Micron said it was fully cooperating with the regulator in the investigation and had expressed its willingness to do so “To conduct all business with uncompromising honesty.” The company also stressed that it respects the safety of its products and is responsible in its commitments to customers.

According to the supervisory authority, Micron products are checked “necessary action” To protect national security and critical information infrastructure, operators must stop purchasing Micron products. The regulator stressed that China welcomes the supply of goods and services by companies from all countries, as long as those goods comply with Chinese laws and regulations.

Micron is the last American computer memory maker to stay in the Chinese market after the exit of larger companies like Intel and Texas Instruments.

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