China outraged by US investments in semiconductors This is a

China outraged by US investments in semiconductors: “This is a typical discriminatory measure”

China commented on the United States’ passage of the Chip and Science Bill. China’s Commerce Ministry issued a statement on Friday saying the law approved by the US Congress will distort the global semiconductor supply chain and disrupt international trade.

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

“This is a typical discriminatory measure in support of (industrial) industry,quotes TASS released statement. — China will continue to monitor developments related to this legal document and, if necessary, will take effective measures to protect its own legitimate rights and interests.”

As stated in the China Bureau statement, some of the provisions of this bill “restrict the normal trade, economic and investment activities of relevant companies in China,” what will lead to it “unforeseen changes in the global semiconductor supply chain and will create barriers to international trade.”

The statement also notes the need for the United States to pursue open, transparent and non-discriminatory policies consistent with World Trade Organization rules.

According to the Chips and Science Bill passed by the US House of Representatives, the government will provide $52 billion in subsidies for chipmakers.

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