China launches new campaign to clean up cyberspace

China launches new campaign to clean up cyberspace

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), the country’s main internet regulator, has launched a campaign “Clean Cyberspace”which will last a month. During this time, the agency wants to step up the fight against insults on the Internet, “Chaos” in prominent fan groups and “Money Worship”.

Image Source: Thomas White/Reuters

Image Source: Thomas White/Reuters

The relevant statement from the regulator was published in the CAC account on the WeChat network. Among other things, it states that during the celebration of the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival in the country, the regulator will carefully examine content platforms and online advertising. The aim of the campaign is “Clear Internet Clutter, Curb Unhealthy Culture”and also “Creating a healthy, festive and harmonious online environment for Internet users, especially minors, during the Spring Festival”the CAC said in a statement.

The Chinese authorities tightened regulation of the IT sector and some other industrial sectors last summer. Around the same time, the booming entertainment industry began to be suppressed. The regulator began paying more attention to the behavior of celebrities and fandom members, and also made it clear that strict scrutiny will get nowhere going forward. The authorities intend to more closely monitor the spread of rumors on the Internet, ban insults and intimidation, and counteract any user behavior that can be seen as a demonstration of a luxurious lifestyle and the promotion of financial wealth. It will also prevent “illegal and immoral” Celebrity Events on the Internet.



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