China launches low profile CPU coolers with TDP up to 265W

China launches low-profile CPU coolers with TDP up to 265W

According to Chinese publication IT Home, local cooling manufacturer Ninesharks has unveiled a unique new JF13K Diamond, a low-profile CPU cooler that the company claims has a coolant efficiency of 240mm.

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With dimensions of 241 × 121 × 92 mm, the cooling system’s radiator is equipped with two ARGB fans with a diameter of 120 mm and a thickness of 15 mm. The manufacturer states that they operate in the rev range from 800 to 1800 rpm and have a noise level of no more than 29.1 dBA. They generate airflow of up to 64.51 CFM and static pressure of up to 1.72 mmH2A. The heatsink contains seven heat pipes.

The company claims that the JF13K Diamond’s performance is comparable to a 240mm maintenance-free LSS. The cooler can handle up to 265W of CPU thermal power. According to the manufacturer, the internal tests of the cooler showed its ability to keep the temperature of the Core i9-11900K no higher than 85 degrees Celsius at the time of its peak output at 217 watts. Keep in mind that this chip belongs to the Rocket Lake generation and uses an LGA 1200 processor socket.

The JF13K Diamond radiator has an asymmetrical design. This limits the height of the RAM modules to 59 mm on the one hand and 50 mm on the other.

Compatibility with Intel LGA 1200/115x/1700 processor sockets and AMD sockets AM2/AM4/AM5 is explained for new articles.

The JF13K Diamond cooling system has already appeared on various Chinese online marketplaces. On, for example, the novelty is offered for 269 yuan (about 39 US dollars).

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