China is firmly opposed to the forced sale of TikTok

China is firmly opposed to the forced sale of TikTok

According to China’s Commerce Ministry, the country’s authorities “strongly oppose” the forced sale of the social network, which is being considered in the United States on the pretext of protecting American customers’ personal information from Middle Eastern authorities. Kingdom. The ministry said forcing the sale of TikTok would seriously undermine the confidence of investors from around the world, including China, to invest in projects in the United States.

    Image source: JESHOOTS-com/

Image source: JESHOOTS-com/

The ministry warned that the sale or divestiture of TikTok would otherwise involve the export of technology, which must be approved by the Chinese government. Official Beijing has laid out its position amid hearings in the US Congress at which TikTok boss Shou Zi Chew has spoken out to protect the social network over the question of its future in the United States now made decided.

TikTok, owned by Chinese ByteDance, is used by more than 150 million Americans, and local authorities have repeatedly raised concerns about the potential transfer of American citizen data to Chinese authorities. The possibility of forcing the owner ByteDance to sell the shares of Chinese owners in the social network under threat of a ban in the USA is being considered.

Similar demands were made by former President Donald Trump’s administration, prompting Chinese authorities to add personal recommendation algorithms to the list of technologies whose exports must be state-controlled, allowing them to block such a transfer of ownership. In addition, Beijing appointed a senior Chinese Communist Party (CCP) figure to be the director of ByteDance, China’s main structure, with powers to block property expropriation.

According to Chinese experts, Beijing cannot agree to a forced sale of TikTok, which would also be too difficult a decision for ByteDance itself. As a result of the confrontation, both sides will lose.

Show Tzu Chu’s affidavit, released ahead of the congressional hearing, indicates that TikTok has never shared data with Chinese authorities or received requests for such information from Chinese authorities, and even if it did, never with the data transfer would continue. According to Chu, ByteDance is 60% owned by international investors, 20% by company employees and only 20% by founder Zhang Yiming. However, the latter has special actions that provide certain voting benefits.

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