ChatGPTs industrial counterpart launched in China ChatJD AI Bot

ChatGPT’s “industrial counterpart” launched in China – ChatJD AI Bot, one of the biggest Chinese e-commerce players, plans to develop its own alternative to the AI ​​bot ChatGPT. She will join a galaxy of Chinese companies that have announced plans to release solutions that can compete with the idea of ​​OpenAI that has gained extreme popularity.

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According to JD, the company will introduce an “industrial version” of ChatGPT called ChatJD. This is a chatbot best suited for solving retail and finance related tasks. This product will be able to both generate content and support dialogues between humans and computers.

ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, is able to coherently and meaningfully answer people’s questions, a major investor of the project is Microsoft, which has integrated the new solution into the Edge browser and the Bing search engine. The incredible popularity of AI technology has forced IT giants around the world to accelerate the development of similar solutions. Many companies have announced their own products based on artificial intelligence. Notably, Google announced that the Bard bot will soon become the answer to ChatGPT, and Alibaba said they are developing their own ChatGPT rival for cloud clients.

According to JD, ChatJD’s AI bot will help generate product descriptions on marketplaces and analyze financial performance. The company expects to use its development in e-commerce, logistics and working with payments.


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