ChatGPT passed the test and outperformed more than 80 of

ChatGPT passed the test and outperformed more than 80% of applicants in Schwa – the bot was invited for an interview

Among the test papers, the authors of which were invited to an interview by the company’s human resources department, was a test task written by the chatbot ChatGPT for the consulting agency Schwa. The provocation was arranged by the agency’s founder, Neil Teylor, who decided to check whether the bot could fool his employees.

    Image source: Alex Knight/

Image source: Alex Knight/

According to Taylor, the work proved to be “more competent” than the texts of many candidates – it was shortlisted and not only representatives of the HR team were checked, but also the software used by the specialist department. Neither the humans nor the software could identify the “cheater”.

It is known that ChatGPT and other applicants were given the task of writing about the secrets of good writing, limiting themselves to 300 words. Schwa was looking for an energetic and eloquent story. According to ChatGPT, the secret to writing good copy lies in the ability to “tell a good story.” Among other things, artificial intelligence advised me to work hard, read and study the works of other authors, and also not be afraid to edit ready-made texts, since no one succeeds in issuing the best option the first time. However, the bot acknowledged that success requires not only hard work but also creativity and talent. Since the applicants’ names and CVs were hidden from the recruiters, they could only evaluate the work products that were directly related to the job.

“KI was much more competent than many people who sent us applications. Because we do everything we can to create outstanding things that grab attention, I think this was a real test.Taylor closed.

The Schwa founder admitted that in order to pass the test, he had to give the bot very specific instructions, including being told to write in the style of American author and lyricist Dave Trott (Dave Trott). At the same time, Taylor says he was very upset about his confession about the origin of the text to the employee who conducted the selection. However, he admits that the job required a lot of work. With the full text written by ChatGPT for Schwa one can read here.

Access to ChatGPT was granted to the general public at the end of November, and soon the tool attracted more than a million users thanks to the bot’s ability to generate fairly descriptive texts (not always reliable) and even program code (did not always work correctly). . Previously, Business Insider contributor Beatrice Nolan used ChatGPT to create two cover letters and asked professional recruiters to rate their quality. They would have spoken of “suitable candidates” and would have been waiting for an invitation from the HR department. However, recruiters acknowledged that the letters lacked personality.


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