ChatGPT for iOS reached 500000 downloads in just 6 days

ChatGPT for iOS reached 500,000 downloads in just 6 days

Although OpenAI’s ChatGPT app is currently only available in 12 countries and on iOS, its launch has been very successful. According to, the program was downloaded half a million times in the first six days after launch. This makes it one of the most successful new products on the market.

    Image source: OpenAI

Image source: OpenAI

As consumer demand for AI chatbots grows, there are a number of ChatGPT clones on the App Store, mostly trying to trick consumers into paying for expensive subscriptions in order to gain access to AI. Such a competitive landscape between AI chatbot applications could have created a more difficult market for the official ChatGPT application, but as it turns out, that is not the case.

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT app has outperformed most of its competitors, including other popular AI apps and chatbots, as well as Microsoft’s Bing and Edge apps, which were among the first to launch third-party apps using GPT-4 technology Offered OpenAI. While Bing and Edge certainly benefited from interest in ChatGPT when they debuted, with 340,000 and 335,000 downloads respectively on iOS and Android in their best five days in February, OpenAI’s ChatGPT app easily outperformed them, delivering 480,000 in the first five days thereafter US launch installs when the app was only available for iOS.’s analysis also showed that the app outperforms other AI chatbots in the US, many of which have been generically labeled “AI” and “chatbot” to capitalize on consumers’ keyword searches on the App Store . Here, OpenAI’s ChatGPT ranked in the top five in terms of downloads compared to the best five-day periods of other applications in 2023 on the App Store and Google Play. notes that only 1% of the top apps achieved more than 10,600 downloads and 0.1% more than 45,000 downloads in the first five days in the US. estimated data from approximately 39,000 launched apps in the US on iOS since early 2022 and ranked first in the charts sometime during that period. Of course, installs are just one way to measure consumer demand, and they’re not as reliable as analyzing how many people then signed up and became active users of an app.

As it has been less than a week since the release of ChatGPT, does not yet have accurate estimates for metrics such as daily or monthly active users as it could take a few more weeks.

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