ChatGPT based AI assistant has appeared in Microsoft Edge browser but

ChatGPT-based AI assistant has appeared in Microsoft Edge browser but not available for everyone

Microsoft has released an updated Edge 111 browser with a built-in Copilot AI assistant based on ChatGPT technologies. So far, only those users who already have access to the Bing bot have had access to the novelty. The wizard icon in the top corner of the browser appeared for all users of the new version of the web browser, but it is not fully functional for everyone.

    Image source: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

When you open the sidebar by clicking the Bing Chat logo icon, you can choose the bot’s communication mode – accurate, creative, or balanced. The type of Bing responses is set according to the names of the selected mode. In addition, you can optionally allow the bot to read the content of the page the user is on – for example, you can summarize its content in a short text.

After setting up the bot, you can go to the Chat tab for direct communication. To do this, you do not need to go to the search engine website, and the “interlocutor” is available at any time. It should be remembered that such bots sometimes make egregious mistakes when talking about a variety of topics, so information that raises the slightest doubt should be carefully considered.

On the Insights tab, you can get information about the summary of the page with links. According to those who have already used the new function, such a tool is more suitable for finding links to additional sources of information, and if the user wants a brief summary, it is worth returning to the chat tab and setting the appropriate task.

More useful is the Compose tab, where you can create all kinds of content. By setting a Bing theme, you can customize several options for future text, including tone and length. According to some reports, when choosing a “long” text, we are talking about several hundred words. You can choose what type of material you would like to receive: for example an email, a blog post or just a list of ideas. It is worth remembering that Bing’s ideas can be very different and do not always meet the expectations of users. According to experts, the appearance of a new amazing novel or poem is not yet to be expected, the texts are created “at the level of a copywriter or student”.

    Image Credit: Mark Hachman/IDG

Image Credit: Mark Hachman/IDG

However, the finished material will be “simple” and “mostly accurate”. The interesting thing is that it only takes a few seconds before you get an answer. In other words, having received an answer to a request, the user can easily edit the information and get a separate page for the site or create an essay in a few hours.

Just as importantly, Copilot is able to create materials like cover letters that are difficult to write but fairly easy to edit. Another important trait is the ability to generate ideas – a godsend for those in a creative crisis.

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