Charisma on Demand ChatGPT AR monocle to improve users communication

Charisma on Demand: ChatGPT AR monocle to improve users’ communication skills

If ChatGPT can help you write an essay or create a meal plan, can it help you connect with other people? That’s the question Bryan Chiang, 22, a computer science student at Stanford University, asked himself earlier this year. Oh took a ready-made AR monocle, his laptop and some friends to create RizzGPT, a ChatGPT communication tool.

    Image Credit: Bryan Hau-Ping Chiang

Image Credit: Bryan Hau-Ping Chiang

Monocle designed by the company Brilliant labshas open-source code so you can experiment with the firmware, which the RizzGPT developers took advantage of. The monocle is also equipped with a camera, microphone and an internal projector screen that displays words in front of the user’s eyes. According to the author’s idea, RizzGPT monitors the conversation through the microphone when someone is talking to the user, converts it to text and sends it to OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI Wi-Fi chatbot to generate a response. This answer will appear on the monocle’s small screen after a short delay.

Basically, RizzGPT uses artificial intelligence to give you charisma when needed, so it listens to your current conversation and tells you what to say next.said Chiang.

During the demonstration, a Reuters reporter asked Chiang what he thought was his greatest weakness.. “I think my biggest weakness is that sometimes I can be too hard on myself. I always try to do my best and sometimes I can burn out. Smiling, Chiang read from the monocle after about five seconds..

The author confirmed that the presence of a delay does not make communication very natural or “charismatic”. “This is just a prototype to show what can theoretically be achieved with this technology.said Chiang.

According to him, the main goal is not to completely replace natural human conversation: “The monocle is intended as a kind of tool that can facilitate conversation. I think he can be incredibly helpful in this role for people who suffer from social anxiety and have trouble connecting with other people.“.


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