CDEK began reselling refurbished electronics from abroad

CDEK began reselling refurbished electronics from abroad

The management of the logistics company SDEK decided to follow the path of MegaFon, Citilink and M.Video and start selling refurbished electronics. According to Vedomosti, with reference to the operator’s representatives, either goods returned almost immediately after purchase or electronics with small defects fixed later are resold.

    Image source: Bagus Hernawan/

Image source: Bagus Hernawan/

For sale on the platform CDEK recommerce There are laptops, smartphones and Apple smart watches, and in the future there are plans to add Huawei and Xiaomi products, Vedomosti writes. In addition to electronics, the company also wants to trade in other refurbished branded goods. Goods for resale are bought on major foreign platforms – from Ebay and Amazon to Backmarket, and delivery is organized from the USA, Germany, Finland, Singapore and Japan.

The CDEK company itself claims that the most profitable way is to buy smartphones and laptops for resale, since they are quickly becoming cheaper, falling by up to 70% compared to brand new devices. On the contrary, accessories like the Apple Watch only lose 25-30% in price but are already on the market.

According to industry experts, the service will be in demand given the limited range and rather high retail prices for electronics imported via parallel imports. It is known that the resale of used smartphones has already been organized by Svyaznoy together with the Smart Bazar website controlled by Megafon, similar projects have been implemented by Citilink, as well as M.Video.

The website of the new service reports that the electronics are checked against 40 parameters. So far, however, only Apple models are on offer. However, it is not necessary for the device to be in “like new” condition – several categories are offered which affect the price of the devices.

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