CCP Games Presents EVE Online Add on in Excel and Announces

CCP Games Presents EVE Online Add-on in Excel and Announces Beta Testing

CCP Games has announced the start of collecting applications for beta testing of the EVE Online multiplayer space game add-on for Microsoft Excel. The developer also showed what this tool will look like. The future ability to literally play at tables was announced in May last year.

    Image source: CCP Games

Image source: CCP Games

As the developers said, with the EVE Online add-on in Microsoft Excel it will be possible to extract data from the game and display them directly in spreadsheets. The list contains information about assets, order history in the trading system, wallet balance and other character statistics. You can see what it will look like in the provided screenshots.

CCP Games is currently in closed beta testing of the feature. Any user can use. However, the developer warns: not everyone will be admitted, since people are the priority “widest spectrum” for a variety of reviews. It should be noted that the tests are conducted in English only.

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