CCleaner is back in the Microsoft Store

CCleaner is back in the Microsoft Store

Piriform’s CCleaner application has appeared in the updated Microsoft Store for Windows 11, which is used to clean up and optimize the Windows operating system.

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This utility was previously classified as Potentially Unwanted (PUA) by Windows Defender Antivirus. The disagreements between Microsoft and Piriform have a long history.

In 2020, CCleaner was added to the PUA list also because it was bundled with other software from other developers, such as the Google Chrome browser, the Google Toolbar browser panel, Avast Free Antivirus, AVG Antivirus Free. This is probably why Microsoft changed the original name of the potentially unwanted application from PUA: Win32 / CCleaner to PUA: Win32 / PiriformBundler. All bundled software can be viewed as competing alternatives to Microsoft’s own offerings. We add that having an application bundled with other utilities can lead to undesirable activity and negative attitudes among users. This is also why CCleaner is classified as junk. In addition, Microsoft effectively blocked it.

According to the Softpedia resource, who first discovered CCleaner’s appearance in the updated Microsoft Store for Windows 11, the application is not yet available to everyone.

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