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CBS Cancels “Bull” for Season 6

The CBS network will finally take “Bull” off the air. The legal drama will end in its 6th season, which is currently airing in the US.

The cancellation was advanced by star Michael Weatherly, who tweeted on Tuesday (1/18) that “It has been a privilege to play Dr. Jason Bull, but after 6 seasons of incredible storytelling, it’s time to pursue new creative challenges and wrap up.” your story”.

It would have been the actor’s decision not to renew his contract that led to the series’ cancellation, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The fact that Weatherly decides the fate of the series is…no comment.

Many expected “Bull” to end three years ago, when CBS had to pay actress Eliza Dushku $9.5 million in compensation for harassment by Weatherly, and for being fired after reporting the nuisance to the production.

Weatherly said he only made jokes, suffered no punishment and issued a statement saying he was not to blame for the actress’ dismissal.

“More than 10 million people watch ‘Bull’ every week. Michael is adored by our audience and, even after these denunciations, everyone continues to watch. So it’s a popular attraction that we want to keep on the air,” said the network’s president, Kelly Kahl, bluntly in 2019. She is still at the helm of the company.

Two years later, the behind-the-scenes of the series returned to scandal. Complaints by the writers of moral abuse and the transformation of the workplace into a toxic place led CBS to fire producer Glenn Gordon Caron, showrunner of the series, in 2021.

The case is not isolated. The amount of reports of moral abuse in the CBS series is abnormal. In recent years, actors from “NCIS: New Orleans,” “SEAL Team,” “Hawaii Five-0,” “Magnum” and “MacGyver” have denounced powerful producers who were fired. On the other hand, most of these series were canceled shortly thereafter.

On the other hand, the stars of the productions remain untouched. The same impunity given to Michael Weatherly extended to another famous CBS series actor. A complaint by Pauley Perrette against Mark Harmon, for assault on the recordings of “NCIS”, came to nothing, considering the stay of the actor until the 19th season, currently in exhibition.

It is worth remembering that CBS is the same network that had its president Les Moonves involved in several allegations of sexual harassment and abuse, brought to light in New Yorker magazine reports by several women, including company employees.

Moonves was the most powerful TV executive hampered by the #MeToo movement, which emerged late last year after exposing the abuse cases practiced by producer Harvey Weinstein over three decades. To avoid being fired from the helm of the company, he resigned in 2018, seeking to achieve a million-dollar deal for his departure from office.


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