CATL introduces LFP batteries for electric vehicles that charge up

CATL introduces LFP batteries for electric vehicles that charge up to 400 km in 10 minutes

The Chinese company CATL controls 36.8% of the world market for traction batteries for electric vehicles and owes its success to the cheapest and most widely used lithium iron phosphate-based (LFP) batteries. This week, she introduced the Shenxing battery family, which can restore a range of up to 400 km in 10 minutes of charging.

    Image source: CATL

Image source: CATL

Mass production of such batteries is reported Reuters, will start later this year, and the first electric vehicles based on it will appear in the first quarter of 2024. CATL representatives expressed hope that the new family of batteries will eventually become the standard solution for many electric vehicles. A typical capacity traction battery allows an average electric vehicle to travel up to 700 km without recharging. In addition, the new CATL battery family also performs better in harsh weather conditions. Apparently, this means the ability of conventional LFP batteries to quickly lose their residual charge in the cold.

The ability to quickly recharge a traction battery is of great importance to electric vehicle owners, because if the range can be replenished for 400 km in ten minutes, the inconvenience associated with long charges on long trips is almost completely eliminated. Competitor Tesla can offer a range refill of up to 322 km in 15 minutes, while the Chinese company GAC AION offers batteries that can refill a range of 500 km in 15 minutes.

CATL itself has recently been actively involved in the development of new battery types. The company already has batteries that enable electric vehicles to travel 1,000 km without recharging and electric motors for airplanes. To reduce battery costs, CATL manufactures sodium-based batteries.


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