CATL intends to introduce advanced LFP batteries with fast charge

CATL intends to introduce advanced LFP batteries with fast charge capability in Europe

The recently unveiled Mercedes-Benz CLA concept suggests that even one of the oldest automakers in the world recognizes the relevance of using lithium and iron phosphate (LFP) batteries as they are less expensive to manufacture. Chinese company CATL will localize assembly of its latest LFP batteries to China in Germany and Hungary.

    Image source: CATL

Image source: CATL

This happened at the IAA Mobility event in Munich, as reported by Reuters, said CATL chief engineer Gao Pengfei. Just last month, the Chinese manufacturer introduced a new generation of LFP batteries, called Shenxing, which boast not only high energy storage density (due to optimization of the arrangement of elements), but also high charge replenishment rate. You can restore up to 80% of the traction battery’s nominal charge in just 10 minutes at room temperature with a rapid charging station. Even at minus temperatures down to minus 10 degrees Celsius, the charging time is no more than 30 minutes. At the same time, the operation of the Shenxing family battery at such temperatures has less impact on the ability of the electric vehicle to accelerate to 100 km/h in the time specified in the passport characteristics.

In China, Shenxing family batteries will begin production at CATL companies later this year, and next year they will be part of mass-produced electric vehicles. According to a company representative, the production of these batteries will start at companies in Germany and Hungary over time. The first has been in operation since December 2022, the second is scheduled to be operational within two to three years and will be the largest for CATL in Europe. When exactly the production of the batteries of the Shenxing family will start in Europe and who will become CATL customers in this direction is not yet certain.

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