Capyloon Mobile OS introduced based on Firefox OS developments

Capyloon Mobile OS introduced, based on Firefox OS developments

Developers have presented an experimental version of the mobile operating system Capyloon, based on web technologies and developments of the Firefox OS platform and the Boot to Gecko (B2G) project. The project is being developed by Fabrice Desre, a former Firefox OS developer at Mozilla and chief architect at KaiOS Technologies, which develops KaiOS, a fork of Firefox OS.

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Capyloon is reportedly based on the Gecko b2g engine forked from the KaiOS repository. The presented version of the platform is ready for use on the PinePhone Pro, Librem 5 and Google Pixel 3a smartphones. Most likely, Capyloon can run on a PinePhone smartphone, but the performance of the device may not be enough for comfortable work. Operating System Builds available as packages for Debian, Mobian environment (Debian version for mobile devices) and as base system image based on Android.

The source points out that the environment can be compiled for installation on KaiOS-enabled mobile devices, use in an emulator, via Android-based firmware, and on stationary PCs and laptops that ship with Linux and macOS. The environment is positioned as experimental, so some important features, such as B. access to telephony, currently not supported.

Applications for Capyloon OS are built using HTML5 stack and Web API programming interface, which allows to organize web application access to hardware, telephony, etc. The user interface is also based on web technologies and is built using the Gecko browser engine. There are configurators for setting language, time, data protection, screen settings and search engines. It is worth noting the use of the IPFS protocol for confidential data storage, support for the Tor network and the ability to connect plugins in Web Assembly format.


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