Capcom spoke about Street Fighter 6s modes revealed beginning fighters

Capcom spoke about Street Fighter 6’s modes, revealed beginning fighters and announced a closed “beta”.

Japanese publisher and developer Capcom at the fair Tokyo Game Show 2022 shared new details of its fighting game Street Fighter 6 and announced closed beta testing.

    Image source: Capcom

Image source: Capcom

First, Capcom spoke about the already confirmed modes:

  • “World Championship” – a story-adventure with its own character (they promise lots of customization options), street fights with townspeople and legendary martial arts teachers (Ryu, Chun Li);
  • The Battle Center is a custom avatar lobby for matchmaking and online tournaments, one-on-one battles behind arcades, and the release of Capcom classics like Street Fighter II and Final Fight.
  • “Battlefield” – combines the main combat modes from the past parts, including one-on-one battles, online battles (with crossplay) and work outwith new ones (e.g. Extreme Battle).

mode Extreme fight allows you to diversify battles with unusual rules: set victory conditions, activate a bull that runs through the arena (and knocks down players along the way), fire pillars or time bombs.

Second developer uncovered a complete list of starting fighters in Street Fighter 6. It has 18 characters:

  • Blanca
  • list
  • jamie
  • JP
  • DJ
  • dhalsim
  • Zangiev
  • Cammy
  • ken
  • Kimberly
  • lily
  • Luke
  • manon
  • Marisa
  • ryu
  • Chun Li
  • E.Honda
  • Juri

As you can see, the published list is missing several characters from the June leak. user recommendthat Rashid, Akuma, Ed and the clawed Chinese AKI (new in the series) can become part of the DLC.

Third, the Street Fighter 6 Closed “Beta” will take place from October 7th to 10th on PC (Steam), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. They give you the chance to try eight fighters, multiple modes, and crossplay. Volunteering can be done through official site.

Street Fighter 6 is expected to be released in 2023 on Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and S. They promise gameplay innovations, in-game commentators (at TGS 2022 they presented two more) and new management (classic will also be).

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