Canadian authorities will provide 182 million to support the nations

Canadian authorities will provide $182 million to support the nation’s semiconductor industry

The US desire to seek allies to strengthen semiconductor supply chains has finally turned to the north of the continent, and authorities in neighboring Canada have expressed a willingness to provide $182 million in subsidies for this purpose. IBM, already operating in Canada, has actively participated in the development of the local semiconductor industry.

    Image source: IBM

Image source: IBM

The agency reports Reuters after a meeting between US President Joseph Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The parties signed a memorandum of understanding, and the Canadian government confirmed its willingness to allocate about $182 million to develop semiconductor component production and development in the country, according to the plan of the leaders of the two North American countries, the initiative will establish a bidirectional corridor for create the supply of locally produced semiconductor components and reduce the dependence of the United States and Canada on third countries in this area. The southern neighbor is also interested in sourcing mineral components from Canada, which are needed not only for the production of electronics but also for traction batteries for electric vehicles.

The technology partner for this initiative will be US-based IBM, which already has chip testing and packaging facilities in Quebec. How much IBM is willing to invest in the Canadian economy is not specified, but it is reported that the company’s new businesses are springing up in the region and existing ones are being expanded. IBM last year announced its intention to invest $20 billion over the next 10 years to develop businesses in upstate New York. In addition to manufacturing, IBM is willing to invest in the development of artificial intelligence systems, server technologies and quantum computing.

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