ByteDance will make TikTok a full fledged messenger by expanding the

ByteDance will make TikTok a full-fledged messenger by expanding the possibilities for messages

Short video app TikTok is actively developing messenger features. Its owner, ByteDance, wants to turn TikTok into a powerful messaging platform that could revolutionize current perceptions of the service.

    Image source: antonbe / Pixabay

Image source: antonbe / Pixabay

Although TikTok already enables the exchange of messages, many users still do not see it as a classic messenger. However, ByteDance intends to change that by actively expanding the TikTok Social team responsible for developing new features.

Job advertisements underline the company’s ambitions in this regard. One of the ads says:We are the team responsible for the TikTok messenger. Our mission is to create meaningful connections between users“.

Apparently, while other companies like Snapchat and InstagramWhile TikTok tries to replicate TikTok’s success in the short vertical video space, it in turn tries to implement the functionality of successful instant messengers.

So far it is unclear which vector was chosen for the development of TikTok. Can TikTok compete with Snapchat as a mainstream app for young people? Will TikTok offer stories similar to those on Instagram? Will he focus on WhatsApp-style group chats or one-on-one messaging?

Meanwhile, TikTok continues to actively expand in other directions. He works on integrating music streaming, developing promotional content and online commerce, and launching podcasts. A text publishing feature was recently added which may be part of the new functionality. As you know, there is nothing more attractive than a place where people can chat with their friends.

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