Buyers of Diablo IV on the PlayStation do not have

Buyers of Diablo IV on the PlayStation do not have access to the game – the problem is solved by “Donat” and not only

As promised, in the early hours of June 2nd, the Hell Gates of Diablo IV opened to those who pre-ordered the Premium Editions. There were no queues at the entrance, as was the case during the “beta” in March, but another misfortune awaited shoppers.

    Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

As can be seen from numerous posts on social networks, numerous players on PlayStation consoles currently do not have access to the project, despite paid pre-orders.

When you try to enter the game, the system throws an error message that it cannot be found “valid license”. Blizzard Entertainment developers have already done it accepted and are actively looking for ways to fix the problem.

    The memes weren't long in coming (Image source: CantBeDandy on Twitter)

The memes weren’t long in coming (Image source: CantBeDandy on Twitter)

Awaiting Blizzard’s help, the drowners set about rescuing the drowning themselves. Players have found that buying Diablo IV virtual currency helps convince PSN that they have a license (even the cheapest $2 pack will do).

“Wow, you’re right. All you have to do is buy the in-game currency and then you can log in… Awesome!”is divided experienced user Azule from the Blizzard forum.

    Image source: Twitter (Julia_CaSsian)

Image source: Twitter (Julia_CaSsian)

portal PC gamer reports that players have already found a free way to prove their right to PSN to start Diablo IV: just download a free product from the PS Store (e.g. a demo).

Diablo IV Early Access lasts four days: As early as June 6th, regular buyers on PC (, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S will be able to get into the game. The project received high marks from critics.

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